BOEING757-256 2000

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12,293 TT, 8,338 Ldgs. A.P.U. AIRESEARCH MODEL: AlliedSignal GTCP331- 200ER. 13,467 Cycles, 9,633 Hours, FIRST LIMITER: Stage 1-3 Turbine (20,000 CSN). ENGINES: Rolls Royce RB211- 535-E4(37), 8,243/12,055 TT, 6,688/8,193 Cycles. 183/180 SOH, 80/79 Cycles SOH, 183/180 SHSI, 80/79 Cycles SHSI. FIRST LIMITER: HPC Disc 3/HPC Disc 3, LANDING GEAR: NOSE/L. Main/R. Main 8332 CSN, Next OH due June 2019.

Especificaciones de motor:

Dual Xpdrs with ELS/EHS (European requirements) capability installed 2003
Iberia Airlines (Delta Engineering FAA STC ST01894NY, with EASA approval),
Aviation Partners Blended Winglet System Installation 2006 (FAA STC ST01518SE),
IS&S/ABX Air Cockpit Flat Panel Display system Installation 2007(FAA STC
ST02372CH), PATS 6 tank (2 fwd, 4 aft) Aux. Fuel system Installation 2010 (FAA
STC ST5724NY-T), Custom VIP cabin interior, Jet Aviation Basel Completion 2010
(FAA STC ST02359LA): Additional Potable water storage (160 gal total), Vacuum
Waste disposal system, Cabin air humidification system, Integrated Aft Air-stair
system, Secureaplane Intrusion detection system with Video recording. Airstair
Installation installed Jet Basel 2010 (Aerocon FAA STC ST00473LA), Crew ladder
installation installed Jet Basel (Aercon FAA STC ST02048LA), SATCOM (EMS) antenna
installation installed Jet Basel (Delta G Design FAA STC ST10920SC)

Pintura e interiores:

Total Passenger Cabin Seating for 39, Full flat certified sleeping accommodations for 16 passengers, Center Cabin Master Bed Room with attached Master Lav and Full Sized shower, Split cabin layout with fwd and Aft lounge, (2) center guest/office rooms, 220V utility and 110V passenger convenience outlets. Fully Integrated PGA digital cabin management systems, Wireless LAN system as well as wired ports with internet access, 3 Integrated MMP players, Kalieidescape Audio/Video On Demand system with integrated media server available to all screens with individual control and library, (2) 52" LCD Monitors, (2) 32" LCD Monitors, (2) 20" LCD Monitors, (17) 10" Plug-In Seat LCD monitors, Surround sound systems, 6 way Exterior view camera system, Airshow 4000 In Flight Information System.

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