COMMANDER 700 1979

$ 200,000.00 USD







Inspection Status and Characteristic:

ADS-B Out with upgraded Garmin 330ES
Overhauled HSI
Overhauled Shimmy Dampner
Repaired fuel gauge wiring
Repaired fuel quantity gauge
New fuel quantity transmitters
Repaired belly brains
Repaired door seal inflation plumbing
New cabin door seal
Installed new factory door lock with pressurization cover
New voltage regulators
New cabin door lock pins
Repaired stall warning wiring
New stall warning switch
New dash lights
Repaired flap switch wiring
Repaired propeller synchrophaser
Repaired propeller deice wiring
Windshield heat repaired
New aileron bridle cable
Replaced all brake pucks, insulators in calipers
New LED Landing and taxi lights
Deice Boots treated with conductive cement
Deice boots treated with shipmaster
Engine vacuum pump overhauled
Replaced EGT indictor
New exhaust pipes
Overhauled propellers

No. de Serie:




Tiempo Total:

4,792 Hours

Especificaciones de motor:

Signature Engine Overhaul of Engines in 2009 to factory new specs with new cylinders, new hoses, new lord mounts, overhauled starter, overhauled alternator, overhauled turbo, overhauled waste-gate, overhauled pressure valve, overhauled vacuum pump, overhauled fuel pump, overhauled magnetos, new harnesses, new spark plugs, overhauled propellers, overhauled propeller hubs, overhauled governor

Aviónica / Radios:

New Garmin 340 Audio Panel
New Garmin 430 WAAS
Overhauled KX 175B
New Garmin 330ES Transponder with Traffic on Garmin 430 (upgraded to ES in 2017, ADS-B OUT Compliant)
New EDM 760 14 Probe Engine Monitor with TIT
New FS-450 Fuel Flow and Fuel Totalizer System
New Garmin 696 hard wired into 430 with weather and class II Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
King KCS 55A HSI (Overhauled in 2017)
Overhauled KFC 200 three axis autopilot with Yaw Damper (overhauled in 2017)
Overhauled Collins Radar
Radar Altimeter
Co-Pilot Instruments (Overhauled co-pilot altimeter in 2017)
406 Mhz ELT

Equipo Adicional:

Maintenance Manuals, Parts Manual
Kennon Sun Shades
Kennon Cowl Plugs

Año y condición de pintura:

2009 - New Paint with a beautiful custom paint scheme. All stainless steel screws replaces, all new seals. All flight controls removed and balanced.

Año y condición de interiores:

2009 - New Interior with beautiful ostrich leather with all new foam, new side panels, new headliner, new plush carpet.


Right Engine 900 SMOH (1800 TBO)
Left Engine 900 SMOH (1800 TBO)
0 Hours on Propeller Since Overhaul
Annual Due 5/2020
ELT Due 5/2021
IFR Due 11/2019

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Corporación Aeronáutica Mexicana


Jorge Edgar Waring Rodríguez


Celular 04455 4088-4604

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