ECLIPSE 500EA 2007

$ 530,000.00 USD







Inspection Status and Characteristic:

5-year oxygen bottle hydrostatic test completed 24/08/2016
New PhostrEx fire extinguisher canisters installed 24/08/16
Landing Year trunnions inspected/replaced 24/0872016
New left PDF installed 24/08/2016
48 months/1200 hr airframe inspections done 24/08/2016, (1,155 hrs)(Due 31/08/2020)
48 Months fuel bay inspection completed 24/08/2016
All mandatory service bulletins compliance including
SB500-24-004 Rev. C (Alt power distribution center replacement) $ 19K
SB500-26-001 Rev. C (PhostrEx Fire Extinguisher canister (FEC) replacement $ 21K

No. de Serie:




Tiempo Total:

1,495 Hours since New – Cycles: 1,408

Especificaciones de motor:

Turbines Pratt & Whitney PW610F-A (900 Lbs. Thrust Each) 
3.500 TBO
Time since New: 1,495/1,495 Hours. Sn.PCE-LA0193/PCELA0192 – Cycles: 1,408/1,408

Aviónica / Radios:

Avidyne (v1.0) avionics suite
Standard features include:
-Two Primary Flight Displays (PFDs)
-One 15" Multi-Function Display (MFD) with airliner-style synoptic displays of all aircraft systems
-Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) with "Push Button" engine start

Equipo Adicional:

-LX Edition (Upgraded passenger cabin appointments including all leather passenger seats with forward leather storage pouch & aluminum seat belt buckles, down wash lighting beneath cabin side bolsters, gross point-covered lower sidewalls, wood laminate accent trim, and built-in coat hooks. Additional cockpit appointments include all leather pilot & copilot seats with adjustable lumbar support, padded knee supports, metal thrust lever knobs, and foot well lights.)
-CoPilot keyboard
-Upgraded combustion liners installed (Certified for flight to 41,000')
-Bias Ply Tires
-Cargo Net
-Cockpit window covers
-Pitot and static port covers
-Cockpit sheepskin seat covers
-Upgraded "dash 5" aft power distribution center (APDC)
-Upgraded PhostrEx Fire Extinguisher Canisters (FEC)
-6th passenger seat
-Extended range Tip Tanks (ETT)
-ADS-B in/out with Garmin 625 GPS
-Mid Continent MD222-406 Course Deviation Indicator (CDI)
-Garmin Flight Stream 510
-Garmin GTX 345r Remote Transponder (ADS-B "in/out")
-Garmin GTX 335r Remote Transponder (ADS-B "out")
-Garmin 796 GPS
-Mount for additional iPad with ForeFlight
-USB power outlet for panel mounted iPad


Designed to integrate cutting edge technologies as the world's first Very Light Jet (VLJ), the Eclipse 500 is unlike any other aircraft flying. With cruise speeds up to 370 knots and an operational ceiling of 41,000 feet, the Eclipse 500 offers truly extreme performance. Perhaps equally impressive, however, is the fuel sipping economy. With fuel burns of less than 70 gallons per hour, the Eclipse 500 costs less to operate per mile than nearly any other jet or turbo-prop available today (including smaller single-engine turbo-prop aircraft).

Avidyne v1.0 - ADS-B "in / out" with wireless bluetooth connectivity - Unlike many aircraft in this configuration, N2486B complies with all Mandatory Service Bulletins, incorporating all the expensive updates such as upgraded PhostrEx canisters, an upgraded Aft Power Distribution Center, and more. The airplane was recently updated with an ADS-B solution, including a new Garmin 625 touch-screen GPS.

Año y condición de pintura:

Factory LX-4 Paint Scheme with Blue Stripes and Midnight Blue Accents.

Año y condición de interiores:

Factory LX Slate Six Passenger with Tan Leather Seating, include pilot, Executive Table, 12V Electric Outlet, Storage Compartment. 

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Corporación Aeronáutica Mexicana


Jorge Edgar Waring Rodríguez


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